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Besides that, Dell also need to find out which suppliers have provide the necessary materials, and processor that will be used by them to produce a large quantity of servers. Berry"Servqual: Every organization needs to go through the eight stages of organizational buying decision process.

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Bitner, Mary Jo"Servicescapes: Easily visible "sale" priced items are used to reel in the customer. B2C On a B2C site, the customer is inundated with colorful flashing graphics or banners seeking to attract hits and bring traffic to the website.

Hence, becoming the Low Cost Producer in the market, this has leaded them to be more than an average performer in the market and allowing them to control the prices.

Besides that, Dell also needs to show the display on their company so that customer can have a look before making any purchase. The easier it is for the customer to find what they need on the website, then the more likely they will make their purchase online.

The value of the relationship in B2B is maximized whereas B2C the value of transaction is maximized. Media coverage of your products and services also helps in delivering your message across your target audience.

Marketing: How B2b Differs from B2c

Rational divide the market on the basis of age is on the demands of the people and wants to change with age. Often a service is being marketed such as web-hosting or website production.

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The company have to take advantage or even exploit all the different resources which will lead them to become a low cost producer. It mean sending the final order with selected supplier and a list of other elements technical services after sales required, date of delivery return polices and warranties uk essay, This may be accomplished through traditional offline methods of advertising, such as tradeshows.

In business to consumer sales the individual will usually get opinions to make choices about his or her purchase but the individual is the one person making the decision to make the purchase. Yet, the characteristics for these two kinds of markets are totally different.

In order to attract the most diverse customers, your web site needs to be user-friendly and have traits that make navigation easier. An example of business to consumer marketing is the Kellogg's Company. Most websites use a similar layout that has become an industry standard.

It will increase Dell sales in business market because of giving customer more choices to choose for their server and they will purchase a large amount of server for their company.If the site is too complex to purchase an item or service, the consumer could determine the experience is too complicated to proceed.

Even if the consumer completes the transaction, it is likely they will not return because the process was undesirable. Marketing on b2b On a B2B site, marketing is used with a higher level of respect for the potential customer.

Often a service is being marketed such as web-hosting or website production. The differences between B2B and B2C marketing of products and services The difference between BusinessBusiness and BusinessConsumer marketing of products and services is that B2C marketing is aimed on the individuals buying a product for themselves.

Business to Business market (B2B). Business market consists of all the organizations that buy goods and services to use for producing other products and services that, in turn, are sold, rented or supplied to others.

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Free Essay: B2B vs. B2C Marketing Differences Once a decision is made to develop a business, whom the customer will be is the next decision to be made. Whom. The marketing mix is also known as the 'four Ps', the marketing mix elements are price, place, product, and promotion (, Marketing Mix).

Businesses use the marketing mix to impact the development of the businesses marketing strategy and tactics to promote their products to 4/4(1).

Marketing b2 bb2 c essay
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