Ellen moore a living and working in korea

She is very motivated and determined to succeed in her job, and she immediately, starts to teach herself about the customs and traditions of Korea and learning their signs, symbols and language.

The ultimate alternative in this case is to restructure and redefine the team.

Ellen Moore: Living and Working in Korea

This is minimizing the knowledge and idea exchange which is very critical especially in consulting projects. I recommend that Alternative 3 be taken. The differing attitudes toward hierarchy and authority make it very hard for the American consultants to gage what the knowledge of the team is and how much is really understood.

Will the changes in tax policy that are proposed provide the revenue and stimulation that the country needs? Alternative 3 Have Andrew head the project with Ellen and Jack reporting to him.

Ellen has had success in North America as well as in Bahrain, in similar projects.

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They had special drinking rituals which were sometimes excessive. Jack saves face; 3. No comment is expected for work done as expected. Conflict in the workplace can have negative and unproductive impact, causing organizations not to meet their goals, optimum productivity levels and can even cause key employees to leave.

Ellen Moore (A): Living and Working in Korea Case Solution

This can result in misunderstandings and the client not getting what they expected. A greater probability of the project being completed in time.

Based on the culture, where women are generally considered inferior, Korean team members always followed his lead over Ellen, preferring male leadership. In order to address the communication issue and the high-power distance work environment, she should establish an nvironment, where team members can anonymously state their opinion, ask questions or introduce new solutions to problems the team is currently facing.

Is a driven and highly motivated individual who previously worked successfully in Bahrain, which also has a male dominated culture; 6. We will write a custom essay sample on Ellen Moore: This could be established by creating an anonymous drop box physically or digitally which would be read daily by Ellen and topics submitted would be discussed during the meetings.

Although very bright graduating top of her high school, is a Fellow in the Institute of Banker, and has an MBA and successful first female and youngest to manage a banking entityshe is only accepted because the Senior Consultant who is male guaranteed her extensive qualifications; 5.

Living and Working in Korea The Korean culture on the other hand uses indirect communication which makes it hard for western cultures to understand what is really meant or wanted. With Andrew taking over the project, the Korean executives get who they really wanted to lead the project in the first place.

May 10, Contents Page 1 of 13 Executive Summary In addition, Ellen had understood that she and the Korean manager, Jack, were to be co-managers, but the tension between them was immediately about who was given direction to the team and the scope of the project.

Andrew, the Senior Consultant who works on the project on a part-time basis, and Scott, who arrived in Korea 3 months after Ellen did; Page 4 of 13 Team may still feel more loyalty to Jack; 3. This is not good for organizational goal congruence; Song is blaming Ellen for the delay while Andrew is blaming the Koreans.

Jack gets to save face; 2.

Ellen Moore (A): Living and Working in Korea Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

JVI gets the project lead they wanted in the first place; 7. The immediate concern of JVI is the impending delay in the completion of the initial 7 month phase of the project. With the North American Consultants, based on the agreement, having only 3 months left in Korea to complete their part of the project, the project is one month behind, Mr.Ellen Moore- the international manager.

For Ellen, an expatriate manager who has limited knowledge of Korea and did not obtain any training from SCG prior to her arrival in Korea, living in Korea produced constant and unexpected challenges to the ways of perceiving, acting and valuing things, making it difficult for her to correctly process and act on.

Ellen Moore: Living And Working In Korea A female American consultant Ellen Moore has to face different problems working in Korea as a project manager.

The. Ellen Moore (B): Living and Working in Korea ; Ellen Moore (A): Living and Working in Bahrain ; Mirae: Charitable Giving in North Korea ; Korea Stock Exchange– ; Korea: On the Back of a Tiger (Abridged) Korea and the Thirties (A) Ellen Moore (B) Moore Medical Corp.

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Ellen Moore Living and Working in Korea Essay Ellen Moore. Living and working in Korea The case of Ellen Moore is very interesting and diverse, because it shows different reasons why problems can occur in a project management and teamwork and highlights how cultural differences can affect the work in a very negative way.

Question 1: What are the problems in this case? dfaduke.com’s female identity made her an alienated participant in the work place in Korea, whose culture is dominantly masculine.

Ellen moore a living and working in korea
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